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              PPR pipe production line


              Specs: 20-160mm,
              Output: 120-300kg/h
              Brief introduction:
              PPR tap water pipe system is very popular in developed countries, it is sanitary, nontoxic and enviroment protection. This pipe can transportation hot water and cold water, a good choose for everyone.
              The pipe is heat-resisting, pressure resistance, guarantees the wet energy conservation, long service life and etc .
              1. Single -screw extruder
              2. Vacuum forming machine
              3. Water cooling machine
              4. Haul-off and cutter
              5. Stack
              The specification is from 20-160mm.
              1. Barrier type screw, by which the material can get good plasticizing at low temperature but high extrusion output.
              2. Barrel with feeding groove, material is 38CrMoAl and nitrogen treated, surface hardness is HRC 65-68, which can has a long use life.
              3. Millipore type mould with suitable inner compression ratio which can guarantee to produce high quality PPR pipes.
              4. High automatic level. The production line is controlled by PLC (touch screen) or instrument. All parts, like extruder, haul off unit cutter etc can be controlled by touch screen synchronously.
              This line can also be used to produce PP-H, PP-B pipes.


              • Contact Person: Sweety Tang 
              • Fax: 86-512-58960990
              • Mob: 0086-139 2199 0308
              • Whatsapp: 0086-13921990308
              • Email: sales3@somachine.cn


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